VIA VIKA in Oslo – the first building in Northern Europe to use closed cavity façade technology

In the urban landscape of Oslo, the capital of Norway, an impressive, large-scale commercial building has been created – Via Vika. The 62,500 m² building is the first and so far the only building in Northern and Eastern Europe to use closed cavity façade (CCF) technology. We carried out the project in collaboration with Staticus, delivering more than 15,500 m² of glass. This was the first project using CCF technology for both Press Glass and the building contractor.

VIA Vika is part of a modern hub in Oslo’s business district, providing a showcase for sustainable construction. This large-scale office-retail building designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects is distinguished by, among other things, a unique glass façade designed by the Staticus team. What is so unique about it? This 20,000 m² façade combines the elements of the closed cavity façade (CCF ) and the single skin façade (SSF), thus ensuring very good thermal and acoustic insulation of the building, which certainly contributes to the high level of comfort.

The space between the outer part of the façade made of single glass panes and the inner part using double-glazed units is ventilated with dry, heated air, which contributes to the improvement of the energy efficiency of the building. This is confirmed by the BREEAM-NOR certificate at the “Excellent” level. In addition to the significant improvement in thermal insulation, CCF technology also increases the acoustic insulation factor of the façade.

Ambitious in scale and design, the building, which combines two different types of façade, was a major technical challenge, requiring the achievement of very high standards and the use of advanced materials. The materials used included stainless steel with a special rose gold titanium coating that, when combined with glass, creates a unique aesthetic experience. The contractor also used natural limestone tiles on closed cavity façades. We supplied 15,500 m² of glass for the façade including: 5,000 m² of single glass panes tempered with both ESG and HST processes, 10,000 m² of two-chamber glazed units with Silverstar EN2Plus 1.1 T and Climaguard Premium 2 1.1 coatings offering exceptional levels of light transmission and excellent thermal insulation. For the canopies, Press Glass supplied an additional 300 m² of laminated, tempered Glass with HST 1010.4 ESG and HST test.

The construction of Via Vika also presented a unique organisational and logistical challenge. A very challenging stage was the assembly and construction of a glass dome measuring approximately 3×6 m with arched edges. For the construction of the glass dome, we supplied laminated single-chamber glazed units: VSG TVG 66.4 Thermofloat 1.1 T low iron/20ar+TGI/VSG TVG 868.44 low iron with SGP film. The construction of the large-scale glass skylight involved the preparation of custom large SGP films using unique SGP film welding technologies and the organisation of special transport to Norway. The quarantines introduced in response to a pandemic, which naturally interrupted the assembly, also proved to be a challenge. Despite these adversities, the Staticus team was still able to find new and safe ways of working and completed the construction in August 2021.

Today, Via Vika connects Oslo’s business and urban functions while creating a free space for pedestrian communication (passages, squares). The building provides office, restaurant and retail spaces. Via Vika is appreciated by both the many companies that have set up offices in the building as well as the residents of Oslo, who can admire its unique architecture and enjoy the services it provides.


📷 Photographs: Andrius Gudelis

? Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Client: Veidekke Entreprenor AS

Investor: Storebrand Eiendom AS and Aspelin Ramm AS

🏗️ Contractor: Staticus