The glazed Face2Face complex combines comfort and ecology

The combination of a comfortable workspace and green technological solutions is one of the features that often distinguish office complexes developed in recent years. The Face2Face Business Campus, an office complex consisting of two buildings in Katowice (Poland) is in line with this trend. For the purposes of this project, we delivered in total approx. 10 thousand m2 of glass units. The project used, inter alia, selective glass that provides adequate sun and heat protection.

The Face2Face Business Campus consists of two buildings (6 and 14 floors) and offers a comfortable workspace. The office space is used by e.g., DAZN, STATS, Honeywell and Medicover. The facility was created by the Polish developer Echo Investment.

The distinguishing feature of the complex is, among others, its environmental friendliness, which is confirmed by the BREEAM certificate at the “excellent” level awarded already at the design stage. Various ecological solutions were included in the project, for example, a system of rational water and energy management, as well as waste management monitoring. There is also a green patio between the buildings, where you can relax from work.

The architectural design was prepared by the Polish studio Grupa 5 Architekci. Simplicity and universalism constituted the core of the project. The glazing of the façades of both buildings plays an important role here, ensuring high light transmission and very good thermal comfort.

The implementation was carried out in two stages. In the first stage we delivered 3.5 thousand m2 and in the second stage – further 6.5 thousand m2 of glass units. The selective Combi Neutral 70/35 T glass was used, which combines sun and heat protection. Such solar control glass limits the heating of the rooms, and at the same time allows to maintain high light transmission. The colour of the light transmission is neutral and does not change the colour of the objects, which guarantees a high level of comfort. In the construction of the glazed façades of the buildings, Aluprof MB-SR50N IW and MB-SR50N EFEKT aluminium façade systems were used.

The construction of the complex lasted from 2018 to 2020. The usable area of the facility is 46.2 thousand m2 in total.

Photos: Euroglas