Skylum – modern skyscrapers in the centre of Vilnius

The landscape of the centre of Vilnius has recently been enriched by two distinctive, 70-metre-high towers. The twin Skylum skyscrapers offer modern and convenient residential spaces, luxury suites and several relaxation and meeting areas. We supplied 7,000 m2 of tempered laminated glass for their construction.

Skylum is probably the most photogenic skyscrapers currently under construction in Vilnius. Located close to the very heart of the city, this development is intended for residential purposes. There are 413 apartments on twenty floors, 4 shared roof terraces, and several relaxation and meeting zones. The upper floors offer amazing views of the city.
The project by UAB “Eventus Pro” is distinguished by innovative architectural solutions that add special value to this investment.

“The uniform façade from an engineering point of view is a rather simple design, what is unique is the architectural idea that creates a nice ‘mosaic play’. This effect has actually been achieved through trapezoidal glazing with different coatings that are rotated at different angles in the plane of the façade,”

says Miroslav Aviženis, Project Manager from KG Constructions Group.

The architects used alternating triangular glass elements with the reflective coatings Stopsol Clear and Supersilver Clear.

“The Stopsol Classic coating gives a pleasant amber reflection and Supersilver a silver-grey reflection,”

adds Miroslav Aviženis. These coatings are intended to reflect solar radiation and reduce visible spectrum. The high reflectance helps to reduce the heating of the rooms and the brightness of the lighting. As a result, Skylum residents can enjoy a convenient and pleasant indoor environment. The coatings also provide more privacy for the residents.
Another innovative solution is the use of glazing as decorative elements and external balustrades for the balconies.
7,000 m2 of 66.4 tempered laminated glass in the shape of triangles with sides of 3,000 x 800 mm were used in the project. Stopsol Clear and Stopsol Supersilver Clear glass was used as decorative elements. Balustrades were provided for external balconies, giving the buildings a modern and elegant appearance.

The first façade of the towers is now ready, and the installation of the next one will start in spring 2023. The investors assure that the work is being carried out to the highest standards and the final effect will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Skylum is an excellent option for those looking for luxury apartments in the very centre of the city, with access to modern architectural solutions and a pleasant atmosphere inside the building.

Photos: OMBERG group